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Executive & Career Coaching


Achieving your full potential

Barbara helps individuals assess their career situation and decide on their next steps.

Together you will look at your aspirations, your values, and how to reach career satisfaction and fulfilment. You will also look at fears and obstacles and what slows you down when making choices and acting them out.

Career coaching is a fully bespoke and intensely personal experience.

Barbara has experience in addressing topics such as career change, leadership skills, work life balance, returning to work, novelty at work, entrepreneurship, stress, management, performance, corporate communication, public speaking, presentation skills.


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The session lasts 30 minutes. It's a good way to get to know each other and understand how and if coaching could help.

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Interview preparation & CV workshops

Interview Preparation

Do you have an interview lined up? How important is this role for you? If you want to give it 100%, you'll need to prepare.

Let's work together - join a bespoke interview preparation session. This includes job spec brainstorming, as well as practice and feedback on how to best present your experience, skills and performance.

Preparation is key to success, and as a head hunter - for some of the most selective global employers - Barbara has the skills and experience to help you get there. 


CV Workshops

Need to revamp your English CV? Get in touch to receive a bespoke, innovative and expert advice on how to go about it.

In a 2 step process, Barbara will review your CV and provide tailored feedback, before introducing you to a unique software to fine tune the details and help you get the perfect CV.

Barbara has reviewed hundreds of CVs helping candidates apply to some of the most selective global employers. She combines this expertise with a top of range Artificial Intelligence software, to enable you to draft your best possible CV. 

Group and individual sessions available. Contact Barbara below for more information.




Taking the leap and making it happen ...


Barbara works in London and Germany.

Introduction sessions are over the telephone, Skype, Hangouts or WhatsApp.

Courses and follow-up sessions are in person or over the telephone, as agreed individually.

All payments are upfront.



The first introduction session is free.

3 months courses start at £900, or 990 euros. 

Interview preparation & CV review available on demand

Workshops and group sessions - price on demand